Accountability Ingenuity Execution

esp tailor makes programming modules to fit your radio stations wants and needs. Any battle. Any place. Anytime. We never lose sight of the agreed outcome that is developed with our clients.

Full service consultancy

A comprehensive strategic programming and tactical consultancy. Designed to develop and deliver short and long term winning strategies for agreed ratings outcomes.

Survey tune up

Essential bottom to top review to ensure your station is in the strongest possible position before critical survey periods.

Station launch and relaunch

Already used to critical success in China, Malaysia, Athens and in metro markets throughout Australia. Be absolutely sure your launch is a success. We can design formats that will hit the target to maximize both ratings and revenue.

Tactics and marketing

Hot tactics and smart marketing are essential to any winning radio station. It can set you apart from your competitor. In ratings, it can be the difference between number 1 and 2. In revenue it can be the difference between yes and no.

Breakfast tune up

The personality of every radio station begins and ends with breakfast! What is our show famous for? Where does it fit into the existing market? What is our key breakfast vision?

Music tune up

If you're a music station then this is 80 percent of what your station does. It better be right! What is our music vision? Are our scheduling rules in place for the battle ahead? Is our music universe right for our strategy?

Revenue generator

Revenue generating through promotions, sales tactics and marketing. We initiate and implement processes that help to build long term major client relationships and long term revenue opportunities whilst enhancing brand integrity.