Where do we add value?

esp has worked with multiple formats around the world, involving successful station launches, winning tactics and multimedia campaigns.

In an ever changing media landscape the challenges for radio have never been greater. Whilst understanding where radio fits in this new landscape is key to remaining relevant, the fundamentals of creating successful radio still apply:  

  • a winning strategies for ratings and revenue growth 
  • a clearly communicated music position
  • fun, entertaining and memorable Breakfast and Drive shows   
  • cutting edge tactics and marketing 
  • sales tactics to enhance revenue opportunities

Recognising your challenges and finding solutions is what esp is all about. Our team of professionals can take you where you need to go:


Brian Ford 

esp's Managing Director is Brian Ford, an icon in Australian radio and undisputedly Australia's leading music programmer.

Three times awarded Commercial Radio Programme Director of the year, Brian's programming achievements include the rebuilding of Austereo’s 2Day FM Sydney to become Sydney's #1 Hit Music Station, record ratings at Brisbane's B105 and perhaps his greatest success of all, a decade at the helm of Melbourne's world famous Fox FM.  

In 2007 Brian took over as Managing Director from Guy Dobson who returned to Austereo in 2007.

He continued the association with Guy at Austereo, working with programming  teams around Australia for the past 15 years, with a focus on breakfast shows, music strategy/execution and research. 

Brian was heavily involved in the recent relaunch of Southern Cross Austereo’s  ‘Hit’ Network stations around the country.

Inspired by the legendary Greg Smith, Brian’s interest and passion for great research developed. His appreciation for accurate and effective research has formed into a solid foundation for much of the strategic thinking in projects he oversees.

With esp, Brian has consulted on many projects throughout Europe and Asia. As well as many years with Southern Cross Media before their takeover of Austereo.

Brian Ford. Over 30 years radio experience. On air and music specialist. Show focused. Research obsessed. Strategically driven for success.  


Guy Dobson 

Guy demonstrated capacity to lead highly capable teams, innovative and creative thinking, and to deliver effective business development and growth strategies.

His executive roles with Southern Cross Austereo Network and the Austereo Group allowed Guy to establish an excellent professional track record. He has a detailed understanding of the world of radio and digital audio broadcasting, and capacity to establish a strong internal culture capable of leveraging that expertise.

Specialties: digital media, radio broadcasting, content development, advertising analytics, programming, business development, marketing strategy, brand integration.

Following the company’s acquisition by Southern Cross Media, Guy was asked to remain in his role with his portfolio broadened to include additional creative content responsibilities.

Guy lead creative content development, programming and brand integration functions for Australia’s largest media company, Southern Cross Austereo. He served as a member of executive, management and leadership teams, developing and executing the company’s content strategy.

Guy's role was focused on operational leadership and on brand integration efforts in support of sales and business development. His team leveraged engaging content and worked to integrate brands into everyday programming as part of one-off adverts on long-term placement campaigns.

He lead the company’s research division, established new opportunities for advertisers and commercial partners across all radio content and digital media operations. While in the role, Guy consistently produced strong commercial results, leveraging relationships with high-value advertisers and developing unique and innovative brand integration strategies.

and new to the esp team....

GREG TREMAIN - Sales maximisation 

SCOTT PLAYER - Digital transformation

TONY NOVIA - Multimedia Executive